May 11, 2015

Awesome Pack: Big Kids April Box

I read the My Subscription Addiction newsletter every day--it's my morning ritual. There are several boxes that I've found out about and tried because of the site. McBoyfriend took a look at MSA and said there were no subscriptions on here for him, and I had to agree! He's an electrician who does yardwork, doesn't cook, is picky about his tools, prefers hoodies and t-shirts, and paints and plays miniature tabletop games. Finally, a box appeared that sounded perfect, and there was a lot of customization available. We both love board games, so  I was super excited to sign him up for the big kids box from Awesome Pack!

To McBoyfriend, I get a box every single day. Not really, but when Awesome Pack arrived with his name on it, he didn't even bother looking at it, and just threw it in the house and went off to do yardwork. It was really hard to keep this a secret, but when it arrived my cat was going nuts on the box, and he stood there and filmed it for a while, not even realizing it was his box. I got home and asked why it was on the floor unopened, so we opened it together. When he pulled everything out I realized Bella was going nuts because there were two cat toys for her =)

April 15, 2015

What I Won and What I Made

A bit late, but I was waiting to post this until I was happy with a piece, and even though I'm still on the fence I thought I would post anyway. My next Blueberry Cove Beads box should be coming this week hopefully!

Last month I found out I won the Blueberry Cove Bead box challenge! I got the March box for free, which was pretty exciting.

March 2, 2015

Darby Smart: Stone Pebble Terrarium Review

In January, I got back into my crafty pants, and started Pinning several cool ideas. I also perused My Subscription Addiction for cool crafty/DIY boxes. Darby Smart's site looked interesting, so I signed up [apparently with three different email addresses on three different days, because I apparently kept forgetting I'd signed up!]. The item I was most drawn to was the Stone Pebble Terrarium [$24 and currently sold out; you might not be able to see it anyway because you have to join the site to see anything].

Once this box came, I immediately got to work and set up my supply table. I did not like the boring white of the planter, so I purchased gold spray paint and a glossy clear coat.
Included in the box: Ceramic Vessel, Airplant, Stonewhite Gravel, Reindeer Moss.
My supplies: Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen, Thin Masking Tape, Sandpaper, Towel, Gold and Clear Coat Spray Paints.

March 1, 2015

Blueberry Cove Bead Box #3: Vintage Tea Party Review

Hello! I haven't posted in a while, despite my having composed posts in my head on several commutes home from work. At first I was a little disparaged that I hadn't physically typed anything up. But, the book I've been listening to, The Upside of Irrationality, had a good point--most blogs are written for and read by the writer and are seldom read by anyone else. Which, to me, means that it doesn't matter when I write because I'm writing for myself. =)

February wasn't too terribly busy--I started my second semester of grad school, and was only able to take one class as I had taken my other three required classes last semester and have to have all four finished to start in on the real classes. Taking one course is way less stressful! I now have time to make jewelry. Which is great because I have been spending excessive amounts of money on beads!

My newest bead source also happens to be a subscription box. I'm not even sure how I came across it earlier in February, but I am glad I did! Blueberry Cove Beads is a new monthly bead subscription box that sends out beads [loose and strung], findings, and pendants for $22 a month + $5 S&H. The box ships from Nova Scotia, Canada and I got my first one within a week. They also recently opened up the first [Woodland] and second [Art Deco] boxes for purchase for $30 [$25 + $5 S&H], and I had to get the Art Deco box.

The subscription box that arrived was a thin rectangular book-shaped piece containing a black silky bag with the Blueberry Cove logo etched on a wooden tag. I was very impressed by the presentation, and the info card [which I forgot to photograph] of several ladies sitting down to a tea party.

February 16, 2015

It's Not For Me, It's For My Cat...

I think cats might be a sort of hipster [feline hipster = felipstene?]. They know they're smarter than you, they like things until you like it, and then they're bored.

For instance, my cat was sleeping in a small bin on a pile of fabric that was supposed to turn into a pillowcase. However, once I took that fabric [clean it] and replaced it with other fabric, then set the bin out for her, she refused to sleep in the bin and would instead sleep next to it.

Of course, I love my cat and want to buy her pretty things but she's generally more interested in everything else that she shouldn't be touching [knocking everything small off the dresser, putting her face into cups, sleeping on the dining room table, sneaking into my roomie's bed when he leaves his door open, and playing with pens, trash, trashcans, bits of paper, etc.]. Perhaps some day when I have a more disposable income I shall spend it on something fantastic like this felted cat bat cave from AgnesFelts on Etsy.

Lime Green Cat Bat Cave on Etsy
Blogging the depths of the abyss,