July 9, 2009

McDonald's Goes for the Gold and Fails!

On a recent camping trip we decided to stop by McDonald's on our way out of town. Before we threw the bag away I noticed that the bag read, "Why are our fries the gold standard? Because only a select number of potato varieties make the cut."

Uhm... I'm not sure what kind of potatoes McDonald's is using, but they must be working on a small budget and allowing a toungueless blind person to select their potatoes and taste-test the fries.

I've never heard anyone say they wanted to eat at McDonald's for the fries. They're so small and disgusting! Why settle for greasy cardboard when you can get golden crispy fries from Burger King or delicious curly fries from Arby's? Or perhaps you should just get a salad.

Dear McDonald's,
If you insist on calling your fries the "gold standard," then mold
y bread is the platinum standard.
Considerately Yours,
Not a fan of your fries

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

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