July 20, 2009

Things Your Ears Should Hear

Here's a prezzie for you... Some of my favorite songs and music videos compiled in a listy! Double cool with knobs!! They're not in any particular order. Some of them disallowed embedding, so there are instead links to the youtube video.

Bat for Lashes--What's a Girl to Do?


Mika--Happy Ending

Yelle--A Cause des Garçons [TEPR Remix]

Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse--Valerie

The Blow--True Affection

Lykke Li--Little Bit

Passion Pit--Sleepyhead

Fettes Brot--Erdbeben

Lützenkirchen--3 Tage Wach

Modern Skirts--Pasadena

Röyksopp--What Else is There?

Feist--My Moon, My Man [Boys Noise Remix]

Lady Gaga--Love Game [VJ Dezlenguado Space Cowboy Remix]

La Roux--Armour Love

Okay, I'll end that list with 15 songs. I hope [all two of] you enjoy!!

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

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