September 29, 2015

Fall is Leg Mullet Season

McBoyfriend is not really into my super hilarious pun-based jokes, cookies in bed, or my excessive body hair. Some day when we are rich he will be in charge of funding my laser hair removal. But until then, I get to continue to be lazy and sometimes indulge his request of getting my mustache threaded [holy dust of mercy it hurt so bad!]. Weirdly, I love getting my eyebrows threaded [even when the older Indian woman tells me I need to come in more than once per week].

In college, my university bookstore for some reason gave me a free women's Schick razor, and ever since then I have been hooked on nice razors. I bought a ladies' pink electric razor several years ago, and was so impressed by how fast I could shave, yet so confused why electric razors weren't marketed toward women! I have always gotten awful razor burn, ingrown hairs, and some pretty nasty cuts, so I cannot use disposable razors. Anyway, that stupid pink lady razor lost battery power quickly, and while I heard it whirring down my hairs would get some painful yanks. Youch!

That's when I got man. I mean, mad. After looking at electric women's razors, and finding that they're few and pink crap between, I decided to look at men's razors. Holy bumoley! I was blown away by the choices. After reading many reviews, I decided to just pick one. You know how I picked it? By the one with the most comments like this:
"My nut and berries have never been smoother!"
If it's good enough for a guy's tidbits, then it's good enough for my armpits. I love my man razor still, and it charges quite well and lasts for a long time. Recently I was at a craft party, and mentioned my razor and several of the girls were very interested. Obviously, someone in marketing needs to get on this post haste.

Anyway, ever since the cold weather light switch flipped on, I've been in hibernate mode: snuggling into blankets, cozy shirts, and uh not shaving. McBoyfriend is none too pleased, obviously. However, I came up with a great idea yesterday!

Mullet Leg Hair: bikini party in the front + werewolf in the back

If looks could kill, McBoyfriend would've seared my head clean off. He told me to "go finish shaving." I don't let men tell me what to do, but I went and finished shaving because I wanted to.

Keep on growin' strong, ladies [and laddies]!

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

PS: I forgot to include a picture! Fortunately, someecards had my back. My werewolf back.

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