September 24, 2015

The Bespoke Dispatch Cat Bag

Hi, my name is Andrea and I'm a female. But that didn't keep me from subscribing to Bespoke Post's manbox. **I should be doing homework right now, but I found out [after watching the Young & Hungry I missed last night and eating some mac'n cheese, then procrastinating some more with The Muppets and some homemade gin] that my assignment is not due Friday, but Sunday!!**

Last month [the month formally known as August], I signed up for Bespoke Post because I was tired of receiving cheap girl things like necklaces and 50 shades of lip gloss. Plus, Groupon was having a smashingly awesome sale and instead of $45/month, I got three months of boxes for $21/month. They provided a little intro survey, and, in case you were wondering, I don't tend to wear ties, I almost never sport a beard, and baseball hats can die a fiery death what with their not-fitting-large-heads nonsense.

Shall we commenceth with mineth look into the past-eth? That's right, time to jump on the ol' time machine. And by time machine I mean Dropbox to find photos from my phone from last month.

August: Manbag Dispatch
As large as a pizza box, but without any of the mouthwatering marinated artichokes or BBQ chicken, this box arrived on my doorstep one sunny August afternoon, back when the days were hot and the cats were hotter. I was rather excited as I opened it, tossing said pizza box aside and immediately stuffing the new canvas bag with my 13" Yoga Lenovo laptop. It fit, which is good news, considering the bag can fit a 15" laptop. But, I had to check for myself. Science, the joy of experimentation, and all that.
The box also included a set of four notecards. I actually have many [neglected] penpals--three in the US and two in Britain, so these will be of use to me! Now that I've forced myself to sit down and write blog posts [and homework], I so must force myself to write to my frail baroness penpal who whithers away from consumption in her crumbling, ivy covered castle by the rocky shores of... okay that is a bucket of lies. She's just living in a flat somewhere in Britain. A crumbling flat, covered in ivy...
"My Dearest, I write to you this eve to tell you that I hath received new stationery."
My cat liked this box most of all. The prrrroof is in the pudding. Or, in the cat hair coating my lappie bag. I am not wild about the bag, but I still use it. The zipper sticks a lot, and the bag doesn't have as much sturdiness as I would like. However, I do like the leather handles and the inner pockets. I think I can spice this bag up a little by sewing something onto it. Maybe I'll just keep the cat hair on it as a design. I think it says, "She's a professional cat lover, and obviously good at her job." Or so, that's what I am guessing the man behind me in line at Panera thought as I ordered my squash soup yesterday. Fur is very in this season anyway.
I can see Bella getting physically weak as she sits in the sun. Her eyes droop, her body sags, until she can no longer stand and is forced to fall asleep using boxes for pillows.
You would think I would be off to do homework now, but no. I am going to write s'more! I'm on a roll...

Blogging the depths of the abyss, 

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