September 29, 2008

Crazy Bus Lady

In a larger city, one often takes the bus to get around. On the bus there sit many crazies mixed in with the businessfolk, teens, mothers, teen mothers, etc.

One day I made the mistake of sitting next to a Crazy and she soon struck up a conversation... with herself. I sat next to her and listened to the woman discuss the politics of rain gutters and drain pipes and their effect on Scandinavia. Apparently she was pretty popular with herself because a few other voices agreed heartily as she won them over with her compelling argument.

After being distracted, I got off the bus stop in the wrong part of town and the next bus wasn't due for a half hour. As incredibly sketchy folk lurking in the shadows and behind trashcans began to wander closer to me, I formulated a plan. A creeper stuck his hand toward me and I quickly began to twitch and talk to myself. Then I offered him a piece of my hair. Needless to say, he left me alone, and I got home safely.

Anyone interested in a few strands of hair??
Blogging the depths of the abyss,

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