June 23, 2009

One BlueTooth for Every Hobo Initiative

People always make claims of what they would do during their elected term. I want to tell you one thing I would do, and I promise not to let you down!

One BlueTooth for Every Hobo Initiative

That's right. You read correctly. I would give every hobo a BlueTooth.

Think about it. What do the majority of hobos do? That's right. They talk to themselves. And why not help them look less crazy by giving them BlueTooth headsets?

Let's look at this from the other perspective: People who wear BlueTooths. You think they're talking to you. They're not. They're really yelling at their employees/wives/parents.

Why not combine the two and make the scary/yelling hobos look like scary/yelling businessmen?

I give you BlueHobo:
Blogging the depths of the abyss,

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  1. How about maybe "one proper pair of pants for every hobo" starting with that guy!


I like the way you think.