September 4, 2009


I love classical music. I listen to it a lot and used to [poorly] play the violin. So, I basically have a long history of sitting in the back of an orchestra and enjoying the music.

Generally, I tune into PBS to listen to classical music, but in Seattle I just listen to King FM because it comes in [it's classical music with commercials and a smug man drinking coffee--see right].

One thing I've noticed they have in common, aside from the obvious, is that they both have announcers who like to scare the crap out of their listeners.

I'm not talking about telling scary stories or jumping out of your radio and eating your heart. No no... they like to play very relaxing pieces, and just as you're soaking in the end of a song and relaxing, there's a brief pause. A few seconds into the pause, the announcer always takes a sharp inhale of breath and BAM! begins to speak very loudly and monotone, startling you out of any happy contentedness he may have previously lulled you into.

Maybe I'm the only one who has noticed this, but I like falling asleep and not being jolted out of pre-dreams by people who lack volume control.

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