September 3, 2009

"Meet me at the corner of Homo and Sexual."

Riding on the bus leaves much to be desired. I often spend my time daydreaming. I think, perhaps, the best daydream I've had yet is the time I replaced every hobo I saw with an M. I mean to say, I replaced the B in hobo with an M, which makes the new word, what? Correct! Look how smart you are!

Think about it... How much better would cities look and be if,
instead of hobos,
there were homos?

Instead of those smelly old guys who demand pocket change and talk to themselves, you'd have sexy, good-smelling guys who demand you change your outfit, but only converse with each other because, honey, they are way too good for you!

Homo shelters would be filled with minimal food [gotta watch your figure!], loud electronic music, dancing [the dirty kind], and expensive drinks [that aren't hidden in paper bags].

Let's be honest. The only people who wouldn't like this is anyone who hates looking at pretty street corners!

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

ps: I know, I know, I'm great at taking pictures of weirdos in the backgrounds of pictures. I just really hope those lovely gay boys got something to eat after the parade! They look positively famished.

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