September 1, 2009

Bathroom Literature

I want to name a book A Bathroom. I know, I'm brilliant.

Fine, think about it... when people ask for it in bookstores the conversation will go as follows:
[cast: Buttina as the shopper and Chester as the employee]
  • Buttina: "Excuse me, do you have A Bathroom?
  • Chester: "Yes, it's in the back near the drinking fountain."
  • Buttina wanders off.
  • Buttina comes back obviously agitated minutes later.
  • Buttina: "Excuse me, I don't find your sense of humor to be very... humorous."
  • Chester: "Pardon?"
  • Buttina: "I asked for A Bathroom, and you pointed me in the direction of the loo."
  • Chester: "Yes, I tend to be helpful like that. Is there a problem?"
See? Humorous dialogue ensues! Uhm... and Buttina slipped on a banana peel.

A Bathroom will be number one on your reading list soon! Or perhaps even number two!

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

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