April 1, 2013

50 Ways to Lose Your Roomie [Pt. I]

Living with people isn't for me. It's not that I hate people [or maybe it is and we're just going to pretend like it not], it's that I don't like my things being touched. Fortunately, other than my Rold Gold, my sister doesn't touch my carby food.

However, my last year of college I had several roommates. While living with them, one had a friend stay over and I cringed when I heard my roomie say to her friend, "Make yourself at home. Eat anything you want." The next morning I shuffled into the kitchen to find a bowl of barely touched strawberry instant oatmeal. My favorite. The packets that I save for last because they're the best. And she had wasted it.

I know your heart broke for me. Mine re-broke just typing that.

However, years later I've come up with a solution. Does your roommate have any allergies or foods they hate? Find them out--come up with a list. Then stock your cabinets with those items. Learn to love the things your roommate hates. That way you'll never have to "share" again!

Does he hate raisins in his food? Easy. Mac'n'Cheese'n'Raisins.

Maybe your roomie is allergic to nuts? Here are some ideas: peanut sauce on all your main dishes, crushed nuts in every cereal box, and be sure to rub peanut oil all over the lids.

Some people hate colors or textures of foods. We can work with that! Aversion to creamy sauces? Mayonnaise, horsey sauce, cream cheese, and alfredo sauce go on pretty much everything. Freaked out by jiggly substances? Gel all of your foods into Jell-o mealtime creations!

Good luck!

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