April 15, 2013

Eye Rolling

In 4th grade I got in trouble for rolling my eyes at my elementary school librarian. She was old, rude, and lecturing us about something. We were all sitting at the tables in the library while she went around and yelled at each of our tables. When she made eye contact with me to say something, I turned away and rolled my eyes. Major child-adult faux pas. She got even more pissed. My excuse? Well, duh, my eyes hurt and I had to roll them to make them feel better.

Liz Lemon rolling her eyes
Now I try to be a bit more discrete about my eye rolling now, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

I've started judging dates by how many eye rolls. However, that means I have to come up with a way to judge how many is "too many". Is twelve too many? It seem like a lot, but holy shit some of my dates are lame. Perhaps once I get to five I should just get up and leave.

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