April 22, 2013

My Vitamin Budget

My iron is super low. I'm no doctor, but when I was looking at my iron levels I noticed I pretty much don't have any. Which is unfortunate, because I like donating blood [wave of sudden guilt after realizing I've not done so in almost a year].

I bet this smelled terrible.
To combat my lack of iron, and because I wanted to feel like a real adult who takes care of herself, I started taking a multivitamin. But it was monstrous and always got stuck in my throat. You can just feel it now, can't you? That giant, dry vitamin stuck to the side of your pharynx.

Tired of choking down my multivitamin twice a day [or not at all if I forgot], and vaguely jealous of my niece's gummy vitamins, I decided to get some gummy vitamins of my own. They've got three flavors: chocolate, white chocolate raspberry, and vanilla bean.

I haven't noticed too much of a change overall. And while it's not so much that I'm surprised how much more I poo now that I take vitamins, but more so the fact that I have to budget more for all the toilet paper.

Just kidding. I don't actually have a budget.

Blogging the depths of the abyss, 


  1. You have to be really picky with vitamins and supplements. I apologize in advance for the visual, but I heard that sanitation workers who empty out port-a-potties find a ton of vitamins. Undigested vitamins. Those things pretty much go through you without doing anything. I can't swallow big pills anyway, so I go for the liquid or sublingual forms when I can. So yeah, you're probably better off with those gummies!

    1. Hah, that's great. Whenever I feel out of sorts I think of this House episode where an artist was just going nuts and painting weird things. He had a wad of assorted pills clumped together in his stomach and they were suddenly all digesting and making him crazy. And that's why I don't take lots of pills.


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