April 29, 2013

Furry Water

My throat gets dry when I sleep, so as a teenager I started placing a glass of water by my bed at night. After waking up numerous mornings for a drink, coughing the water out, then going back to bed queasy and chapfallen, I realized that my cats also enjoyed late night drinks of water.

Cat hair is a worldwide pandemic.
Now I own a humidifier. While it's not as satiating as a glass of water, I feel more at ease knowing I have a much smaller chance of ending up with cat hair in my mouth.

Other ways to decrease cat hair intake:
  • don't let cat put tail in face
  • kiss cats less
  • shave off all of their fur 
  • wax cats biweekly
  • put cats in kennel at night
  • have mad scientist disconnect sense of touch [then I just won't be able to tell] 
  • discontinue wearing chapstick to bed
  • stop eating and breathing in apartment
  • get rid of cats

Blogging the depths of the abyss, 

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