January 26, 2015

Not Just Funny Business Anymore!

While I am still interested in humor writing [though at this point I have loads of ideas and rarely write them out anymore], I want to add more to this blog. I do a lot of crafty things and cooking, plus I'm addicted to subscription boxes, and I know there are approximately 80 centrillion blogs like that out there, but I also know that writing is supposed to be good for you. I don't have many friends out in the PNW, so this is a nice way to share things and ideas with others.

First off, I found out a few months ago that I have anxiety and ADHD. Which makes a lot of sense, actually. This morning I got out of bed around 11am [having gone to bed at 3.30am] and the following is my path throughout the house:

  • desire to do pilates
  • room smells like boy stink, so light candle and open windows instead
  • decide to wash sheets as well
  • accidentally leave sheets in bedroom when going out to the garage [where the washer/dryer is], and instead work on planter started previous night
  • respray paint rocks for planter
  • go inside to grab something, forget, remember sheets, put them in wash
  • work on planter 
  • make bed
  • work on planter
  • remember I wanted to do pilates
  • have breakfast
  • work on planter
  • take a nap
  • make dinner
  • go to the store
  • finish planter
  • work on homework for first week of class

I never actually got around to doing pilates, and it's now past midnight. I wanted to sort of give you an idea of my day so that future posts make a little bit more sense. Following through, being on time, remembering anything, and listening are my giant weaknesses! Right now there are like 30 half finished projects in my craft closet. Though, I am rather proud of myself for finishing off my planter / Darby Smart Pebble Terrarium! Obviously I couldn't leave it completely white, so I did some spray paint [pictures soon].

As for my craft closet, right now it's filled with past hobbies like collage materials, card making supplies like stamps, papers, inks, etc., buttons for projects, a sewing machine and some fabric, yarn for crocheting and arm knitting, letter from penpals along with a large supply of paper, envelopes, pens, and envelope-making supplies, and now my new hobby is jewelry making. I started on a stacking ladder bracelet last night, and I also bought a mini beading loom that I've made a couple of bracelets on. I don't understand how people do some of the crazy weaving projects out there... I cannot stay on task for that long, though I do enjoy doing fine motor activities.

That looks like a good start. Okay, break! I'll leave you with this picture that describes me perfectly, and I may or may not ever continue writing on here =) Let's go with may.

from Everyday People Cartoons

Blogging the depths of the abyss, 

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  1. I'm not super forgetful, but I can relate to wanting to do 90934 things a day. You should see my to-do list...it's usually pretty full, but it does keep me focused and on task. Funnily, anything exercise-related usually gets pushed until the end of the day, and then --whoops-- too late to do it. <.<


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