February 16, 2015

It's Not For Me, It's For My Cat...

I think cats might be a sort of hipster [feline hipster = felipstene?]. They know they're smarter than you, they like things until you like it, and then they're bored.

For instance, my cat was sleeping in a small bin on a pile of fabric that was supposed to turn into a pillowcase. However, once I took that fabric [clean it] and replaced it with other fabric, then set the bin out for her, she refused to sleep in the bin and would instead sleep next to it.

Of course, I love my cat and want to buy her pretty things but she's generally more interested in everything else that she shouldn't be touching [knocking everything small off the dresser, putting her face into cups, sleeping on the dining room table, sneaking into my roomie's bed when he leaves his door open, and playing with pens, trash, trashcans, bits of paper, etc.]. Perhaps some day when I have a more disposable income I shall spend it on something fantastic like this felted cat bat cave from AgnesFelts on Etsy.

Lime Green Cat Bat Cave on Etsy
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