January 30, 2015

My Shopping Addiction...

Welcome! I just spent five minutes revamping my blog--which is a miracle for me. I won't go into again, but I wrote a class post lamenting the loss of Xanga, which allowed users so much freedom to edit their sites that I was immediately spoiled and haven't been blog-satisfied since.

Over the past week I've been crafting up a small storm! [see next post for what I made] In addition, I checked out some bead stitching books from the library for inspiration and lessons, received several packages in the mail, and of course did more shopping.

I'm a little addicted to shopping. But, after reading the first couple of chapters in Delivered from Distraction, I decided I'd rather be addicted to shopping than alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Though, I do have a drink a few nights a week and I sometimes buy scratch cards, thankfully I am not addicted. Back to the shopping... I'd like to show you some of the neat things.

  • These bronze elephant clasps finally arrived from China, and I am super excited about putting them on my bracelets and necklaces as a fun little element. But they're stubborn to open and close, so, I will have to do a wee bit of sanding to make them suitable for others! I plan to eventually start selling some of the items I make. The last items I made were feather fascinators, and they just sat on Etsy month after month accruing fees and dust. I have more hope for my bracelets! [pictured later]
  • While I do love Birchbox's website, customer service, and the variety of products they sell, I always felt a little disappointed by what I got in my box. Many months I would get hair products like dry shampoo [I can't comb my curls] or foil packets, perfumes from Harvey Prince [which I haven't liked yet], or another primer/lotion for my face that I added to the pile to swap with my sister. I ended up canceling after my January box, and after reviewing my products I had $10 to spend. Most of their items are pretty spendy, and for some reason their site just overwhelms me with products so I was super happy to find a body butter for $15, of which I paid $5. The site did not provide any description of the scents, but I liked the container and found the Camille Beckman website with descriptions. Amazingly, the No. 25 is a smell I approve of! [have I mentioned I am picky?] The smell is faint and lovely--sort of a baby powder, fruity... oh just read what the site says
  • One of my shopping addictions is all the fault of Liz from My Subscription Addiction =) When I started working in an office this past summer, I mentioned subscription boxes to my male coworker who also has anxiety and ADHD in addition to his gambling/shopping problem. He immediately signed up for three boxes and hated all of them. I have to say, after subscribing to the MSA newsletter for six months, guy boxes and food boxes aren't great.
    Anyway, it has become my morning work ritual to get straight to work open up my MSA email and see what sort of neat boxes there are. Food, baby, clothing, exercise, pay-to-keep, and more makeup/sample boxes are of least interest to me. Conveniently, those also tend to be the more expensive boxes. This week I found [and subscribed to] the following boxes: 
    • Little Lace Box--a lifestyle, home, product box. Not lingerie, as I had originally thought. It's $39.99, but there are several blogs that provide a coupon code for $10 off your first box. I am super excited for this one! January was The Dining Car [Downton Abbey themed], and I was pretty impressed by the contents of the box for the price. 
    • Darby Smart Mystery DIY Kit--this box is $19/month. While some of the boxes look a little lame [the crocheted cotton ball scarf in particular], I was pretty impressed with the variety of kits the site sells as one-offs. I signed up for the monthly kit anyway, because why not? I also purchased some agate stones, but sadly I didn't realize they weren't pre-drilled so now I'll have to do something other than make a necklace. The other item I purchased was a DIY Terrarium Kit, which I'll post soon with other items I've made this week. 
    • Blueberry Cove Beads--I think I am most excited about this box. Because I just got into jewelry making, and have been going into a bead-buying frenzy, I thought this would be a nice way to just get a box of curated beads and products every month. This box is $22 with $5 S&H, and ships from Nova Scotia. So far there have only been two boxes, and I was their 100th subscriber [yay!]. The boxes were Woodland Themed and Art Deco. Both of which I wish I had gotten! Hopefully she decides to sell old boxes, if there is product leftover, because I love both. I look forward to the challenges and inspiration this box will feed to my creativity.  
    • Wantable--actually, I've had a subscription to Wantable for several months and I LOVE them! My box arrived this week so I'll post a picture of it soon. I just love their customer service, their Instagram pictures, the variety of items, and the ability to take the styling quizzes each month and change what sort of box or items you want to receive. While I don't always love the contents of my box, returns are free and then you can decide if you want to buy another box that month or wait till the next month. I usually do jewelry or intimates, though I did try makeup once and while I was impressed [and actually ended up winning their Photo Fridays contest] I already have a lot of makeup that I don't wear. 
That's all for now. I am supposed to be reading my ADHD book before I meet with my counselor tomorrow. I've had like two months to read five chapters, and not surprisingly I just cracked the cover yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I love to read, I just don't like non-fiction. Let me leave you with a bit that I was surprised to see people with ADHD commonly struggle with [I thought I just sucked at making and keeping friends]. It's been on my mind all day, and something I've struggled the most with my entire life. I've also provided a quote that my mom used to say about me:
  • "Disadvantageous characteristics: ... Difficulty in reading social cues, which can lead to difficulty in making and keeping friends." [Hallowell, p 7] 
  • "Hillie has friends; Aundie has books." [my mom talking about my sister and me--she didn't have anything to ground me from]
Blogging the depths of the abyss, 

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