March 2, 2015

Darby Smart: Stone Pebble Terrarium Review

In January, I got back into my crafty pants, and started Pinning several cool ideas. I also perused My Subscription Addiction for cool crafty/DIY boxes. Darby Smart's site looked interesting, so I signed up [apparently with three different email addresses on three different days, because I apparently kept forgetting I'd signed up!]. The item I was most drawn to was the Stone Pebble Terrarium [$24 and currently sold out; you might not be able to see it anyway because you have to join the site to see anything].

Once this box came, I immediately got to work and set up my supply table. I did not like the boring white of the planter, so I purchased gold spray paint and a glossy clear coat.
Included in the box: Ceramic Vessel, Airplant, Stonewhite Gravel, Reindeer Moss.
My supplies: Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen, Thin Masking Tape, Sandpaper, Towel, Gold and Clear Coat Spray Paints.

I decided to spice my terrarium up a bit, because the original project was:

  1. Soak air plant.
  2. Put stones in ceramic vessel.
  3. Arrange moss.
  4. Place plant.
  5. Look! A plant!

Too boring for me. I'm not into that 50 shades of white/beige all over the walls and decor sort of person. I love color and fun. So this is what I did:

  1. Soak the air plant for 10 mins.
  2. Sand the ceramic vessel [that name makes me giggle].
  3. Spray paint some of the rocks gold [this took a long time and many many coats to get all the sides].
  4. Tape up the ceramic vessel. I found some cute whale stickers, so I put one on the front for a nice variation from the triangles.
  5. Spray paint gold and remove the tape.
  6. Oops... make sure you press the tape down firmly and wait long enough to peel the tape off! I got a little excited and ripped some of the undried paint off with the tape. Later, I used some sand paper and a scraper to get most of the drips off. Then I wiped clean and sprayed the clear coat.
  7. Pour in the a mix of the gold and white rocks [I realized I really didn't need to paint so many rocks because you can't really see them later].
  8. Arrange the moss [there were two bags, and I only needed part of one].

...and 9. Tada! Enjoy fancy new planter with an airplant that needs a little water soak every few days.
The corner of my desk looks quite nice now.
I loved this project so much I signed up for their Mystery DIY Subscription Box. But, I was not as impressed with it so I canceled right away. Maybe I'll post about that later! Time for homework and maybe some more crafting...

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

PS: I even reused the Darby Smart box that my project came in! My monitor is large but sat too low, so I gave it some height.

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