April 15, 2015

What I Won and What I Made

A bit late, but I was waiting to post this until I was happy with a piece, and even though I'm still on the fence I thought I would post anyway. My next Blueberry Cove Beads box should be coming this week hopefully!

Last month I found out I won the Blueberry Cove Bead box challenge! I got the March box for free, which was pretty exciting.


Included in the Caribbean box were clay flowers, turquoise hemp, copper fish beads, silver fish clasps, blue shell disks, bronze mermaid pendants, blue and green plastic beads, wooden Cheerio beads, colorful flat fish beads, gold shell beads, silver seahorse beads, a white shell pendant, and wooden dolphin beads. While I wasn't too into this box [shown to the right], there were many pieces I really enjoyed [pictured below]. I think I may spray paint the wooden beads, because I'm really not into natural wood, and who doesn't love sparkly gold or chrome? =)  


I squealed over the mermaids when I pulled them out of the magic silky black bead bag the items come in.

My favorite part of this box, however, was the little note from Isobel. Attached to it was a replacement for my lovely filigree piece from the Vintage Tea Party box. Mine was stamped improperly and had a lot of sharp edges and missing areas. Since getting that original box, I've gotten really obsessed with finding filigree and incorporating it into pieces, so I was super excited to get this!
My finished piece used purple pearls from the Vintage Tea Party box, the copper fish [the challenge piece], and a mermaid. I'm not entirely pleased with how it turned out--it was my first time using pearls and I had hoped for a fuller piece [see my inspiration here]. I've been making jewelry a lot lately, plus pinning a million ideas, and checking out beading books from the library. So, I made some earrings tonight. This was inspired by two pieces--one was a copper fish and turquoise hemp bracelet from Happy Hour Projects and the other was a pair of bead and hemp earrings.
I suppose it's time for bed now, but I'll probably have to play some 2048 before I fall asleep. Tomorrow I'll download 20 more templates--again--to find something I like. The current one is not working for me--I love the layout, but the header looks like... a template. Have I mentioned I miss Xanga? It was so user friendly and I actually learned to use some HTML! Till next time.

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

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  1. I find your necklace turned out beautifully, and your earrings too! And how nice of them to send you a new filigree piece.

    I'm loving this subscription, they send so many pretty things.

    Xanga, I have not heard that name in so long. I was on there back in, oh, 2001... I think? lol!


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