May 11, 2015

Awesome Pack: Big Kids April Box

I read the My Subscription Addiction newsletter every day--it's my morning ritual. There are several boxes that I've found out about and tried because of the site. McBoyfriend took a look at MSA and said there were no subscriptions on here for him, and I had to agree! He's an electrician who does yardwork, doesn't cook, is picky about his tools, prefers hoodies and t-shirts, and paints and plays miniature tabletop games. Finally, a box appeared that sounded perfect, and there was a lot of customization available. We both love board games, so  I was super excited to sign him up for the big kids box from Awesome Pack!

To McBoyfriend, I get a box every single day. Not really, but when Awesome Pack arrived with his name on it, he didn't even bother looking at it, and just threw it in the house and went off to do yardwork. It was really hard to keep this a secret, but when it arrived my cat was going nuts on the box, and he stood there and filmed it for a while, not even realizing it was his box. I got home and asked why it was on the floor unopened, so we opened it together. When he pulled everything out I realized Bella was going nuts because there were two cat toys for her =)

In our Awesome Big Kids Pack there was:
  • Res Republica--free for Table Top Day, but we'll have to read more to see if we'll enjoy this
  • Hipster Dice--meh, not our thing, so I already put it up for swap!
  • Fairy Tale--MB read through the rules for this one; it looks complicated and is all symbols and art--he'll probably like it
  • the Killer Bunnies blue starter deck--MB says it's really fun, and it has great reviews; I read through the first rule packet, then gave up on the second one that was 24 pages! we'll play this one for sure though
  • a little Star Trek zombie--meh, MB likes Star Trek but we're not into collectible stuff like that
We are super excited to play these games, but I did email Awesome Pack and ask to be billed quarterly because we don't really play games as often as we would like. I was contacted back quickly, and am really impressed by the customer service, provided by one of the founders even. I also recently filled out a survey and chose to get higher value games without the smaller items, like the hipster dice or the character. I'll probably also take the cat toys off because our living room is currently a minefield of small stuffed butterflies, sharks, bears, and mice. 

Looking forward to our next box in July!

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