June 16, 2008


Signing on to Facebook one night I realized that I had a stalker who had e-mailed me a message confessing his love for me. I decided to reply back and talk to him for a while.

The sad thing about him is that he is a terrible stalker. I'm the one that had to tape up my schedule on his door so he could follow me from class to class. I also gave him my cell number, room number, and hours that I am awake and told him to call anytime. I walk past his door constantly to see if it's open, and if it is I stand outside and listen to his conversations to see if he's talking about me. I generally make it a habit to walk past all of his classes to make sure he got there alright.

And for some odd reason that I cannot possibly figure out, I was arrested last night for waiting in his room, with a box of cheese knives, in the dark until he came back from class.

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

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