December 8, 2008

A Hand Dryer of Porktastic Porkportions

Using the bathroom is a daily occurrence for most normally functioning beings. However, a large portion of those people choose not to wash their hands.

I wash my hands.

I also dry them. But I live on a campus that is trying to reduce waste, and they therefore provide hand dryers in place of paper toweling.

Today was like any other day: boring and useless. However, when I stumbled into that first floor Ladies' room, I didn't know the journey would change my view on blow dryers forever.

Glancing down at the blow dryer, after washing my hands, I noticed the stupid little pictures welded to the dryer. One was of a hand pushing a button, the other of heat radiating down onto a hand. Then I noticed small words inscribed over each picture. I read the lines quickly, then again in disbelief:

"Press button" and "Receive bacon"
[the picture goes one further, which is a fabulous addition]

I couldn't stop laughing. Who had written this? It was hilarious! The little red heat marks really did look like bacon! I wish I could shake this dried bacon fiend.

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

I wrote this last semester and just posted it, the words have since been washed off by some bacon hater. I am incredibly tempted to re-inscribe the humor.

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