June 9, 2010

Greenwich Psychics

I like people. Most times. Okay, sometimes. There are just things that people do which get on my nerves.

For instance, I hate people who live in other time zones. They're such jerks. They think that just because they live in the future they are better than everyone else.


Just because you get to find out what happens on Spongebob and 30 Rock before I do, doesn't make you a better person. You're also not psychic. I'd like to inform you that whatever goes on in your timezone happens in mine at the same time. Just... not literally the "same time."

So, stop your gloating! Ignorant fools! I've won this battle, and I intend to win again! In the future. Or past. I'm not really sure.

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

ps: Have you got the time?

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