June 4, 2010

Principal Scheme

I got a call recently from a man who wanted to inform me about job openings at Cutco. I was referred there by a friend who was trying to help me out. However, the part that I loved was that she felt the need to insist, "It's not a pyramid scheme!"

Well, maybe it's not, but why would you have to say that if it wasn't?

I think I am going to start using that phrase to ensure people know everything in my life is legit.

"I'm having a baby! It's not a pyramid scheme, I promise!"
A woman has two children.
The two children each have two grandchildren for the woman.
Each of those grandchildren have great grandchildren.
Definitely not a pyramid scheme since the woman leaves her inheritance to the cute grandchildren and cut the others out of her will. More like a V scheme.

"I'm just trying to make them learn in an expensive private school! It's NOT a pyramid scheme!"
Administrator hires two principals for two schools.
The principals hire two teachers for each of their schools.
Each teacher recruits two students.
The administrator gets paid every time a new student gets accepted. Wait, what? Who knew private schools were a scam!?

I'm not sure why there are sheep.
Especially since this image is about a NASCAR Ponzi Scheme...

Blogging the depths of the abyss,

ps: I'm not a pyramid scheme!

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